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     Embroidered Toilet Paper
This Is Not the design you will order Toilet Paper Rolls Here
Holiday And Gag Toilet Paper
$8.00 Plus $3.00 Shipping - $11.00
Great Conversation Piece.
Great  Gag Gifts
Here is a set of toilet paper designs That you may purchase to make your own toilet paper Gag gifts.
Set $20.00
Hus Jef Pes Formats
Seven Toilet Paper Designs
Seven Toilet Paper Designs
New Toilet Paper Sleeves
Great Idea To Hide The second Roll
Sits on the back of the tank or hang on the wall.
3 design and a blank to add your own designs.Plus you get the three designs to add to towels makes a great gift set. Butterfly Design not included
Fits 240 x 150 Hoop
Set $20.00
Hus & Pes Formats
Toilet Paper Sleeves
Plus the three designs to add to a towel.
Sample Butterfly
not Included
Roll Inside sleeve
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